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How to Launch Any Product or Service Using Social Media

Social media provides a great platform from which to launch new products. Many people are regular users of social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, and enjoy searching through YouTube videos for interesting information. By utilizing the power of social media, businesses can become highly visible and engage in effective marketing that reaches millions of potential customers.

Gain an effective online presence

It is not difficult to gain an online presence, but having an effective one takes mindfulness and planning. There is no point joining Twitter and Facebook to spam potential customers with information about your product. Obviously you want to get the word out that it exists, but first you need to attract a targeted following and engage their interest in a genuine manner.

Too many businesses attempt to find new customers by providing a barrage of messages to other social media users before they have introduced themselves and shown they are human.

Show you are not a robot

When launching a new product bear in mind the reason why people engage in social networking. They do not spend hours on Twitter or Facebook hoping to find links to products for sale. They use social media in order to mingle and make new friends and contacts. If you post hundreds of links to YouTube videos about your product people will probably unfollow you.

This is why you should engage in conversation, read messages and make comments. Ask questions about things in which you are genuinely interested. Thank people who get in touch with you, show interest or make comments about messages you post.

Target followers

Target followers likely to be interested in the product you are launching. Use Facebook to gear advertising towards potential customers who live in the area close to your business. Take into account their age range, background, profession, education and other details Facebook provides to discover where your appropriate market lies.

Make the most of Twitter, by typing relevant keywords into the search bar provided to find customers. It may help to follow the followers of other Twitter users who have a business related to yours. The chances are that you can tap into an established customer base.

Automated messages

HootSuite, for example, is a too that allow you to post messages to social media networking websites on your behalf. This will save you time and energy. It will also allow you to post messages at specific times relating to when your target audience is likely to be online, even if it’s when you prefer to be tucked up in bed asleep or socializing.

It is polite to send a welcome message to new followers to show you recognize their presence and are pleased they have discovered you. Unless you spend hours watching for updates, you will miss the opportunity to thank them for taking an interest. HootSuite can however, post an automatic welcome message to each new follower on your behalf.

Gain interest in a product

Gain interest in the product you are launching by making use of online media. Movies, artwork, poetry, quotes, links to related blogs, links to films showing your product in use and updates about related material will help engage friends and followers.

Keep in touch

Even though messages and links are posted automatically on your behalf, do not lose the human element of warmth. Check into social media websites twice a day to answer questions and thank people who have helped promote your product by retweeting posts.

Return favors

Once you become established on a social media website, you will probably find other people occasionally refer their friends and followers to you. This is an honor for which you need to thank them. If they are in business or are hoping to promote their skills and talents, reciprocate by helping them just as they have helped you.

Be consistent

Make your online presence consistent so that people will find you on the Internet more easily. Use the same photograph of yourself or avatar relevant to your business on blogs, Twitter, YouTube and other networking sites. If you type a profile blurb, make it similar wherever you may be found online.

Network with your competition

It is a mistake to avoid competition. Instead, learn from others, network and gain useful contacts and tips.

You can launch any product using social media as long as you remember to deliver a human element, as well as promoting your wares in an interesting manner.